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Our mission is to support and educate, through the sport of skydiving, individual military service members (active, veteran, retired) and first responders who are at an impasse or have overcome dynamic stressors in conjunction with their roles to protect and serve our nation. We aim to change the negative perceptions of mental health matters in relation to our service heroes and replace "trauma" that holds us down with something "dynamic" that springs us forward.

The term "trauma" in relation to past stressful events has gained negative connotation from the psyche of the military and first responder community. "Trauma" becomes a tether of distress, self-doubt, and can reflect a half-empty mind, body, and spirit. As servicemen and women, we are inherently taught to ignore and overwrite these feelings as a way to cope and "get through it". The term "Post Traumatic Stress" has constituted a "get through it" attitude rather than a "get after it" attitude.

we need to change this compass heading

Working with United States Parachute Association recognized skydiving facilities, Echo Seven Foundation sponsors the first or second tandem skydive of Military or First Responders, specifically allowing them to see the world from 14,000 feet above the ground. At this height, fear is natural, but courage to jump brings renewed focus, confidence, and hope.

What happens at 14,000 feet

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